Lightning fast data storage with disk redundancy to securely accommodate your digital library. Have all your movies, pictures, music, and data files on a single energy efficient device.



 Your wiring infrastructure is just as important as the hardware powering it. Eliminate sporadic modem disconnects and fuzzy TV channels with the best cable and connectors on the market.



Squeeze every last megabit out of your Internet provider. We make all the little adjustments necessary to achieve the highest possible speeds throughout your network.



Dependable wireless connectivity on every floor of your home. Stream your favourite movie to the living room or enjoy online multiplayer gaming in the basement.



  • "Thank you so much for your tech assistance. I am computer illiterate and you saved the day for me. I am sure you will be hearing from me shortly with my next disaster. You're the best!"
    Carole Tanenbaum, CTVC
  • "Now this is service! P11 listened to what I wanted, came with some ideas that we had never even considered and got it done. The level of detail was (extremely) incredible. Our Apple and home wireless networking is now optimized and working great. They also built in some simple options to expand when we were ready."
    Jeff, Homeowner
  • "To put it succinctly, P11 was fast, proficient and knowledgeable. Cost was very reasonable considering the scope of work. Two thumbs up!"
    Mark Doyle, Marketscape Inc.
  • "If your looking for great home networking ideas, really make your wireless network sing, have all your devices, computers, tvs work together, make sense of and manage all those wires and have someone who knows what they're doing and deliver the highest quality and honest service at a fair price... try P11."
    Robin, Homeowner
  • "I could not imagine anyone better to aid me in the set up of my computers in my new space in NYC than P11. They are unbelievably knowledgable, efficient and pleasant making what is usually a dreaded experience rather delightful. I could not be happier with the install and how awesome all is working. I have come to the modern world and thank P11 for assisting me to do so."
    Ellen Carey, SEED Inc.